Beauty in the time of a Pandemic

Undoubtedly, 2020/2021 has been a tough year for us all. Covid-19 has abruptly entered our lives and completely eliminated our routine. From our social lives, the way we work, to even our hair care and beauty regimens.

Staying at home more often has meant we have relinquished looking after ourselves. A crucial step we have all mistakenly seen as insignificant. 

Hair and beauty treatments fall within self-care. And self-care helps us maintain our mental health. By no means is external beauty the be all and end all, but up keeping your appearance can really elevate your confidence. Consequently your mood is improved and you feel better internally. After all: you look good – you feel good.

And though we may not yet be entirely comfortable to visit barbers / salons as often as we once did, or simply are not able to due to the lockdowns, there are many ways to maintain your appearance.

We at Tulipa Hair and Beauty Supplies, sell hair dyes and beauty products to consumers and salons. Our customers range from professionals, Housewives, IT Specialists, Bakers, Hair Stylists, Hairdressers, Carers and the list goes on.

Our speciality is our range of hair dyes, which includes the popular brands Sanotint and Tricolour. Sold internationally, they are free from harmful ingredients such as: Ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (or ppd), parabens, resorcinol, hydroquinone and metals.

These hair dyes (Sanotint & Tricolor) are a great investment into a hair routine. Most of us opt for a new haircut or colour our hair to give us a feeling of novelty and increased confidence and, with no allergy* causing ingredients it is the perfect product to add to your shopping basket. Unlike other brands, which are available from Supermarkets or other outlets, our colours do not contain ingredients that may cause irritation of the scalp, colours we represent, leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

Our other most popular and timeless products are manicure and pedicure items from Nippes of Solingen. These include cuticle scissors; nail clippers, pedicure rasps, nail files, tweezers and more items that can be found in our inventory. Wie definitely recommend these products and can vouch for their high quality. Having your nails done, makes you feel elegant and put together and is a great way of looking after yourself during quarantine.

Have a browse of our website and take a look at our other products that range from cosmetics, hair removal products, hair clippers to make up brushes, shampoos and skin care. They can make the perfect gift for you or your loved ones this season and can help them add a pep to their step – even if it is indoors.

Please remember to support local and small business during this difficult time, it would mean a lot to us!

We hope you have happy days ahead. May God bless us all.


*Each person is individual and reacts to products differently. We always recommend patch testing a new hair dye or product before use.